Testimonial : Why Nooga and Melissa Love Nooga Paws

What’s your name?
Melissa Rodriguez

What’s your dog’s name, breed and age?
Nooga / Boston Terrier / 2 years old

Do you feed Nooga food from our store? If so, which brand and why?
Yes! Open Farm Catch of the Season Whitefish and Stella & Chewy’s Hip and Joint Support Topper

What is Nooga’s favorite toy or treat at Nooga Paws?
Gibson’s Wild Meadow Turkey Bacon and Fromm Crunchy O’s (Blueberry)

Why do you choose to shop at Nooga Paws versus other pet shops around town?
I love the great quality they offer plus the staff is the friendliest. It’s great coming in and feeling so welcome.

Did you know Nooga Paws offers self-wash bathing stations? If so, do you use this service? What makes it so great?
Yes, I did but I do not. I take Nooga somewhere for grooming.

How did you find out about Nooga Paws?
I walked by and from friends.

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