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Nooga Paws About

The inspiration for Nooga Paws springs from the belief that dog and cat owners truly desire the very best for their pets.

As more and more people change their lifestyles to a more sustainable means of consumption by purchasing locally and buying foods that are wholesome and all natural, people are expecting and wanting that for their pets, too. Nooga Paws fulfills this need by providing pet parents the opportunity to extend their lifestyle to their pets. Nooga Paws is a natural pet market offering the highest quality all natural, wholesome, healthy foods and treats for dogs and cats. In addition, Nooga Paws also offers a wide selection of collars, leashes, beds, toys, grooming products, supplements, and other pet accessories.

Nooga Paws identifies with the urban synergy being generated from Chattanooga’s downtown restoration. Nooga Paws is located in 2 North Shore – a retail center featuring only locally owned stores. Gold LEED certified and anchored by Greenlife (Whole Foods) grocery, 2 North Shore personifies the Chattanooga renaissance – natural, green, renewable, and sustainable. Nooga Paws is owned and operated by Bob and Courtney Poore. Bob and Courtney love experiencing everything that Chattanooga has to offer. Fervent dog and cat owners, they include their pets in virtually all of their outdoor activities and share their home with their pets as true family members.

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"This has become one of our fave shops to shop from. We love everything about it from the employees, foods, treats, friendliness, cleanliness, knowledge they have of their products, that they offer online ordering, pick up, etc." - Amy R.