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Pet Food Recommendation Form

nooga paws in chattanooga tennessee pet storePet nutrition is very important to the overall health of the dog or cat. Nooga Paws is strongly committed to helping pets live as long and healthy a life as possible through access to excellent nutrition. Nooga Paws caters to owners, which like themselves, want their dog or cat to eat foods that are void of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. Nooga Paws offers nutritious wholesome, all natural dry, canned, and raw foods and treats for dogs and cats. Choose from all-natural foods for all life stages, and formulas including maintenance, grain-free, limited ingredient (allergies), dehydrated and raw. Need help choosing a food that meets your pet’s specific needs? We can help! Click here for our Pet Food Recommendation Form. Our Nutrition Experts will review your information and respond with options tailored to your pet.

Pet Food + Treats

Nooga Paws carries brands that range in various prices so that each customer is able to pick a nutritious, all-natural food in the price range that works for them. Nooga Paws carries brands such as FROMM, Go! Natural, Taste of the Wild, Orijen, Steve’s Real Food, Nature’s Variety, The Honest Kitchen, Sojos, Pet Curean, Stella and Chewy’s, Weruva, Primal Raw, and many others.


The First Five

The First Five

An easy way to evaluate your pet(s) food is by reading the First Five Ingredients! AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) mandates that the bag of ingredients be weighted from the very first ingredient (most) down to the last ingredient (least). So the First Five Ingredients make up the majority of the bag and are the most important.

One (or more) of the first two ingredients should be a whole protein source. Whole protein sources like (chicken, pork, beef, etc.) or meals made from single, whole protein sources (beef meal, salmon meal, chicken meal, etc.) You should stay away from corn, wheat or soy and look for more whole, unprocessed grains, fruits, and vegetables. In addition you should avoid artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. By starting these simple steps, you are initiating a plan that will develop into a responsible and healthy diet program for your pet(s).