Sir Bode’s Battle


Our buddy, and one of the ultimate leaders of Nooga Paws, undergoes his toughest test yet. After multiple evaluations and tests throughout most of 2016, Bode was diagnosed in December with bone cancer in his left rear knee. The prognosis was unanimous – amputation.

Bode is a lovable, sweet, and fiercely loyal Rhodesian Ridgeback. He was gifted to us as a wedding present over 10 years ago by Bob’s mother. Bode has loved us through several life changes as most of our four-legged companions do – marriage, travel, masters’ degrees, startup businesses, and most recently, the birth of our first (human) child, Adeline.

It is funny how reflection usually begins after a serious life moment occurs. For us, December 2016 felt like one serious life moment after another. It was watching our daughter’s reaction on Christmas morning (she liked the boxes); it was learning that our dream of expanding Nooga Paws was going to come to fruition; and it was the moment we found out Bode tested positive for bone cancer. We are so excited over the expansion of Nooga Paws, but that excitement is paired with the gut-wrenching uncertainty of our four-legged child’s impending surgery and his adjustment (and ours) to his new life as a tripawd. Not to mention, the looming diagnosis of the type of bone cancer in his knee which will determine how much longer he will be spending with us.

We share this not so that you pity Bode or us. On the contrary, we are sharing this news about Bode, because it is a reflection of why we decided to open Nooga Paws almost five years ago. Our hopes and dreams were to offer Chattanoogans a healthier alternative for their four-legged family members. As Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” At Nooga Paws, our ultimate goal is that healthier foods leads to a healthier lifestyle which extends their life and ultimately, their greatest gift to us – unconditional love.

Thank you for your loyal support, and let’s make a healthy, happy pet lifestyle thrive!

If you would like to follow Bode’s journey, we will posting on Instagram by tagging his photos using the hashtag #SirBodesBattle as well as blogging on our website.

Thank you,

Bob and Courtney Poore

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