Judy around the world!

Judy has been a customer of Nooga Paws since the very beginning! She also goes missing for very long periods of time.  So one day, being nosy, I asked where she goes for such long periods of time.  She replied “I’m a sailor for hire’!  Which means people who have sailboats can hire Judy to transport them across the world!  It intrigued me because, I’ve always had a desire to sail the open ocean.  Maybe one day I can, but until then, I live vicariously through Judy and her trips across the world in a sailboat.

Last time she was in, we talked about her last voyage around the coast of Africa. That’s when it hit me, that others may want to follow Judy on her voyages too.  So I gave her a pink Nooga Paws shirt and asked for pictures, periodically, of interesting areas.   Also, it was a way to now proclaim Nooga Paws is world wide!

So I will update this post with new pictures showing Judy/Nooga Paws sightings from around the world!

These are from Bermuda:

This is Captain Judy!






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